Kessler Custom Trumpets
Designed with Tony Scodwell

Kessler Custom as a brand is developed around a singular concept: provide exceptional value at an unrivaled price. We have always strived to provide customers with the best values regardless of the brand, price or style that they are looking for. With our Kessler Custom Trumpets, we have poured every aspect of our philosophy into that goal.

Why Buy a Kessler Custom Trumpet?
This is the principal question for many consumers. As stated above, we are trying to provide exceptional value at a lower cost with our Kessler Custom Trumpets. We achieve this goal by dealing direct with the customer rather than using the traditional industry model of:

Factory – Distributor – Wholesaler – Retailer – Customer

Much of the cost associated with trumpets is due to the “Distributor – Wholesaler” markup. With our Kessler Custom Trumpets, we eliminate all of that markup and allow you the customer to purchase at a MUCH lower price as a result.

Tony Scodwell

tony-scodwellTony Scodwell
In order to provide exceptional performance, quality and value in our Kessler Custom trumpets, we teamed up with Tony Scodwell of Scodwell USA Trumpets. Tony helped us design the final configurations that we offer today as he helped to design many of the parts employed in the construction of our horns as some are the same parts that he builds his own custom horns from.

With our Professional Series trumpets, Tony play tests and customizes each and every horn here in our shop to guarantee that they are amazing horns! With the help of Tony, we have been able to develop a line of truly custom trumpets that will blow you away for their quality, their performance and then for their price! These horns compete with trumpets 3 times their price!

Kessler Custom Trumpets

Artist Series Trumpets
The “Artist Series” Kessler Custom Trumpets all feature the same top tier valves. These valves are the best in the industry and we use them all the way through our line. Currently, our line of Custom Trumpets consists of 3 models:

  • Artist Series Intermediate: Goldbrass Leadpipe – Yellow Brass Bell with Soldered Bead
  • Artist Series Professional: Solid Silver Leadpipe – Gold Brass Bell with Soldered Bead
  • Artist Series Pocket: Based on a vintage Benge pocket trumpet

Trial Policy
We go through great lengths to ensure that our Kessler Custom Trumpets are AMAZING instruments. We are going to send you a trumpet that has gone through intense scrutiny and screening to guarantee you a great horn.

However, in the end we are all different people and we all have different needs

You are the final person in our Screening Process!

This is why we give you a trial period. When you get a new Kessler Custom trumpet, it is accompanied by a 3 day evaluation period. Once you receive it, you have 3 days to test the trumpet yourself. If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied with it, you simply let us know and you send it back for a refund or exchange, your choice.