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No brand of professional trumpet comes close to the prestige, esteem and history as the Bach Stradivarius. These instruments have a long history of meeting the demands of the world’s finest professional players. However, this professional level of American craftsmanship brings with it a premium price that has made the full selection of Bach Stradivarius trumpets harder to find in stock and ready to play through the country. Furthermore, with the hand craftsmanship also comes variables from horn to horn in quality levels. While all of them made are good horns, some are definitely better than the others. So how do you know that you are getting the best?!

Hand-Picked Bach Stradivarius Trumpets
We hand-pick our Bach Stradivarius Trumpets. Each and every horn goes through our screening process so that we can identify and keep the best of the best, and we send the rest back to Bach! You need the best, you pay for the best – we deliver the best!

“Every Bach Stradivarius Trumpet is completely inspected and tested in our Bach ProShop to guarantee it’s quality. Any Bach that does not meet our standards is sent back to Bach.”
Dave Kessler


Bach Stradivarius Trumpets

180 Series & 190 Series
Bach Stradivarius professional trumpets are now available in both the traditional 180 Series and the newer 190 Series horns. Both series are hand-made side by side in the same facility in Elkhart, Indiana. The core difference between these series has to do with the valve cluster.

  • Bach 180 Series: Standard 1 Piece Valve Casings made from brass
  • Bach 190 Series: 2 Piece Valve Casings with Nickel-Silver or Bronze Upper Balusters

The 190 Series are in the end heavier at the valve block. This will give these models a richer core to the sound of the horn, but at the same time are more expensive to manufacture. The 190 Series is also more limited in their options and cannot be customized. The 180 Series can be custom configured.

Bach Stradivarius 180 Series Trumpets
The Bach Stradivarius 180 Series has been the Bach mainstay model for decades. These models feature the standard 1 piece brass valve casings. The 180 Series can also be customized with a full array of options from the bell, leadpipe, bore, finish and trim!

  • Bach 180 Series: Standard 1 Piece Valve Casings made from brass

Bach Stradivarius 190 Series Trumpets
Bach Stradivarius 190 Series models feature the 2 piece valve casings. With this, Bach is able to make the upper part of the casing (the baluster) out of another metal like Nickel-Silver or Bronze. This increases the mass of the trumpet near the center of the horn. This helps give these models a richer “core” to their sound compared to the 180 Series, but without negatively impacting the response of the horn.

  • Bach 190 Series: 2 Piece Valve Casings with Nickel-Silver or Bronze Upper Balusters

190 Models cannot be customized as much at this time, but are available in several unique and amazing performing configurations, including the new Commercial Model and the “Mariachi” Model.

Screening & Trial Policies

Bach Screening Process
Stradivarius trumpets are made by hand. Even with the improved manufacturing techniques that Bach returned to, this inevitably will create some variance. So with every Bach Stradivarius that comes in our shop, Dave Kessler personally inspects every single one. He checks for structural defects, cosmetic defects and assembly defects. The vibration of the instrument to ensure that the trumpet is a responsive horn. If a Bach Stradivarius is assembled poorly, this results in unnecessary stress in the solder joints that actually hinder vibration and in turn, negatively affects the performance of the Bach Stradivarius trumpet. The most important test of the trumpet for Dave is the vibration test. If a horn doesn’t vibrate well itself (outside of even playing the horn), then it will not be a great playing trumpet.

If a Bach Stradivarius fails ANY of our tests is sent back to Bach, period.

Trial Policy
We go through great lengths to ensure that our Bach Stradivarius Trumpets are AMAZING instruments. We are going to send you a Bach Stradivarius trumpet that is the epitome of what a Bach Stradivarius trumpet should be. You are going to get a great playing trumpet.

However, in the end we are all different people and we all have different needs

You are the final person in our Bach Screening Process!

This is why we give you a trial period. When you get a new Stradivarius trumpet from Kessler & Sons Music, it is accompanied by a 3 day evaluation period. Once you receive it, you have 3 days to test the trumpet yourself. If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied with it, you simply let us know and you send it back for a refund or exchange, your choice.

We have an unbelievably low return rate on Bach Stradivarius trumpets specifically because we go through the process to get you a great horn! No other shop out there goes through the lengths that we do for you!

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