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Kessler & Sons Music carefully selects the trumpets that we carry in our stores. As there are so many brands, models and options available, it can be very difficult for customers to find the right trumpet for their needs. So in order to help, we meticulously evaluate all of the trumpets that the industry has to offer in order to present our customers only the best! If you are having a hard time figuring out exactly which instrument is right for your needs, give us a call and talk to one of our experts today.

We carry a lot of different trumpets in our shop. The listing below is of every model sorted only by price from least expensive to most.

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Retail: $649.00
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Retail: $2,142.00 - $2,286.00
$100 Rebate
Retail: $2,644.00
Retail: $3,334.00
Retail: $3,673.00
Retail: $3,596.00
Retail: $3,396.00 - $3,596.00
Retail: $3,583.00 - $3,783.00
24 Month, 0% Interest
Retail: $4,447.00
Retail: $4,776.00
Retail: $4,776.00 - $4,984.00
Retail: $5,098.00 - $5,306.00

Student & Intermediate

Student models used to provide young players with low cost but usually also low performance. Intermediate horns used to provide quality upgrades from student models… Sadly today, that just isn’t the case from many of the trumpet makers on the market.

We instead look for student & intermediate trumpets that offer the player with a better value, quality and performance.

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Sadly, most of the industry uses the term “Professional” as a marketing term rather than a true indicator of quality. They do this to part you with more of your money.

So we scour the world to provide only the best of the best and we categorize as “Professional” trumpets are based on its performance and its build quality. These horns are guaranteed to be only the BEST horns available on the market today… and yes, we hand-pick our Bach Strad trumpets so that you get only the best!

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Pocket Trumpets

Lets be honest, who doesn’t want a pocket trumpet?! They are cool, fun and portable! Sadly, most pocket trumpets are simply built to be cheap – both in price AND in quality. So we worked with our factory partner for our own Kessler Custom Artist line and master trumpet builder Tony Scodwell to come out with our own Kessler Custom Artist Series Pocket Trumpet! No longer do you have to sacrifice quality! Take a look!

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We Hand-Pick Our Bach Strad Trumpets!

Bach Stradivarius – the name that in on the lips of the world’s most well known and respected players. Handmade in the USA, the Bach Stradivarius are considered the gold standard by players and educators. We hand-pick our Bach Strad trumpets in order to provide you with your dream horn. We make sure that they are worthy of the price that they command.

Featuring both the traditional Bach Stradivarius “180 Series” and the new “190 Series” models with the vintage inspired designs. Even if you have played Bach in the past, take a look again because they are back to building the world’s finest professional trumpets!

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Yamaha trumpets have built a reputation of excellence based on consistency of build & performance. Considered to be the most consistent manufactured trumpet, their range from student to pro is expansive and offers great options for all levels of player.

Whether you are looking for a top end professional model like the Xeno, an excellent intermediate model, Yamaha has a trumpet that can meet your needs and help you achieve to the next level. Always innovating, Yamaha is always looking for ways to reach the needs of all players and playing styles.

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Our Kessler Custom Artist Series were designed to offer phenomenal performance at an affordable price. To offer this, we collaborated with master trumpet builder Tony Scodwell of Scodwell USA. Together, we have developed a line of intermediate & professional horns that offer performance of horns 3 times their price, and quality that is unsurpassed. With the highest end professional valves, exceptional workmanship & select materials, there are no better trumpet values on the market than our Artist Series trumpets!

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Handmade in Germany, the B&S Challenger line of professional horns will impress any level of musician. Built on classic designs and paired with old-world craftsmanship, the B&S Challenger line of trumpets are some of the best handmade professional trumpets on the market today!

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