Kessler Custom Soprano Saxophones

Kessler Custom as a brand is developed around a singular concept: provide exceptional value at an unrivaled price. We are considered among many circles in the industry as saxophone experts and we have always strived to provide customers with the best values regardless of the brand, price or style that they are looking for. With our Kessler Custom Soprano Saxophones, we have poured every aspect of our philosophy into that goal.

Why Buy a Kessler Custom Soprano?
This is the principal question for many consumers. As stated above, we are trying to provide exceptional value at a lower cost with our Kessler Custom soprano saxophones. We achieve this goal by dealing direct with the customer rather than using the traditional industry model of:

Factory – Distributor – Wholesaler – Retailer – Customer

Much of the cost associated with saxophones is due to the “Distributor – Wholesaler” markup. With our Kessler Custom soprano saxophones, we eliminate all of that markup and allow you the customer to purchase at a MUCH lower price as a result.

Performance Series Sopranos

Performance Series Soprano
Our Kessler Custom Performance Series soprano saxophones are not a “Student” soprano sax by the standard industry terms. Our Performance Series is designed to provide exceptional performance at a fraction of a cost. Our Performance Series Sopranos use the same professional style French bore concept that is used throughout our line all the way up to our “Handmade Series” saxophones.

Single Post to Body Construction
The Performance Series sopranos use a lighter weight “Single Post to Body” construction (compared to the heavier “Hybrid Ribbed Body” construction used throughout the rest of the line). This construction style has every post directly soldered on to the body tube which allows for the easiest vibration and helps keep the cost down. This does produce a little lighter and brighter tone, but the saxophone combines the quicker response with a great overall tone due to the professional bore design used on all of our Kessler Custom Sopranos. These sopranos offer the best value on the market!

Standard & Deluxe Series Sopranos

Standard Series Soprano
Based on the same bore as the rest of the line, the Standard Series offers players the option of the double neck design for greater ergonomic flexibility. Standard Series models also feature heavier “Hybrid Ribbed Body Construction” which will offer a more focused “core” to the sound. This Hybrid Ribbed system employs a mixture of single post & mini-ribs in the left hand stack of the soprano for quick response and is merged with fully ribbed construction in the lower half of the horn to maintain the richer core tone of a Ribbed Construction horn. Lastly, Standard Series models add on a touch of elegance with Mother of Pearl finger touches (compared to imitation pearl on the Performance Series).

Deluxe Series Soprano
The Deluxe Series is a cosmetic variant of the Standard Series. They feature the same design and performance. The Deluxe Series uses a black nickel platted body with extensive hand engraving. This stunning look is then finished off with Abalone finger touches.

Handmade Series Sopranos

Handmade Series Soprano
Our “Handmade Series” Kessler Custom soprano saxophones are exactly as the name implies: handmade. These saxophones are made to the highest caliber of assembly so as to provide the least amount of assembly stress. This allows for improved vibration that produces increased resonance and response. These models are true professional saxophones but are available at an intermediate price!

Our Handmade One features a straight tapered French Style bore that has range to high G. As a result of this combination, you get a soprano with an expressive tonal core with full presence and resonance. A deeper, richer sound is courtesy of the heavier Red Brass alloy and an impeccable feel from the top tier Pisoni Pro pads.

Retail: $2,529.00
Financing Starting at $34.33 per month
Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate
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Retail: $2,599.00
Financing Starting at $36.37 per month
Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate

Performance Series Curved Sopranos

Performance Series Curved Soprano
Our Kessler Custom Performance Series Curved Soprano is based on the same French bore of the entire line but simply modified for a curved soprano sax. The Performance Series Curved also features the lighter weight single post construction in order to help with the response in the low end of the curved soprano, an area where many players struggle on curved models. This concept is then combined with a modern keywork design to provide the best value curved soprano sax on the market!