Soprano Saxophones

Soprano saxophones can be very confusing instrument for many people. They are commonly considered more difficult to play than an alto or tenor when in reality, the problems that players experience with soprano saxophones are usually because of how they are being played. We are here to help!

Kessler & Sons Music carries a carefully selected variety of soprano saxophones in our shop. There are so many brands and models and options available to the consumer that it can be very difficult to find the right soprano, mouthpiece or reed. So we meticulously sift and sort through everything that the industry has to offer in order to offer our customers the absolutely best values and best soprano saxophones on the market today! If you are having a hard time figuring out exactly which horn is right for your needs, give us a call and talk to one of our experts today!

Soprano Saxophones

Sopranos Saxophones
We carry a lot of different soprano saxophones in our shop. The listing below is of every model sorted by price. If you want to refine your search by brand or type (one piece, dual neck, curved, etc…), click on “Sort by Brand/Type” above and select the category of soprano saxophones you are interested in.

Retail: $1,279.00
Retail: $1,369.00
Retail: $1,399.00
Retail: $1,695.00
Retail: $1,669.00
Retail: $1,795.00
Retail: $1,429.00 - $2,449.00
$999.00$1,644.00 $999.00$1,644.00
Retail: $1,579.00 - $2,449.00
Retail: $2,329.00
Retail: $2,399.00
Retail: $2,449.00
Retail: $2,469.00
Retail: $5,849.00
Retail: $7,154.00
Retail: $7,376.00
Retail: $7,513.00
Retail: $8,745.00
Retail: $9,085.00
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Retail: $8,885.00 - $10,014.00
Retail: $10,872.00 - $22,139.00
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Retail: $11,515.00
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Retail: $12,464.00
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Retail: $13,366.00

Straigt – One Piece Sopranos

Traditional soprano saxophones are a straight soprano with a one piece body design. This style will be the most affordable in every category due to the more simplified design. Straight models do require that a player holds the soprano saxophone out and away from their body for proper embouchure support.

Straight One Piece Sopranos

Sraight – 2 Neck Sopranos

Straight soprano saxophones with a removable neck allow for the player to choose between a pure straight soprano design or one with a slight curve to the neck. This neck curvature allows the player to hole the soprano down closer to the body while still obtaining proper embouchure angle for the mouthpiece. This can be more comfortable for some players.

Straight Dual Neck Sopranos

Curved Sopranos

Curved soprano saxophones look like a “baby sax” due to their small size. However, they also allow for players to rely more on a neck strap due to their neck angle and overall design. They do offer a bit more resistance (though that is not always a bad thing) while also providing more acoustic feedback to the player behind the horn.

Curved Soprano Saxophones

Kessler Custom Saxophones offers a full range of soprano saxes from student to top end professional! All of our soprano saxes are built around a professional bore and offer unparalleled performance and value!

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Antigua Winds is one of the best in the industry for providing Great performance at minimal cost. Their line of saxophones has matured into some of the most competitive products in the budget minded category. They offer instruments that give professional performance and quality of manufacturing at the same price as most companies’ student products. Take a look at Antigua and “Find the music in you!”

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Yanagisawa saxophones offers the world’s finest craftsmanship in professional soprano saxophones! Handmade in Japan, they provide unrivaled value and performance!

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Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop

Handmade France, the Selmer Paris line of soprano saxophones sets the standards for the term “Professional” in regards to saxophones!!

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