Sopranino Saxophones

When it comes to Sopranino Saxophones, the options are very limited. There are only a few models of true professional level Sopranino Saxophones being made by the reputable makers. There are more and more low cost models flooding the market as of late, but they also tend to be low quality. What is the sax player supposed to do?!

Kessler & Sons Music carries a carefully selected variety of sopranino saxophones in our shop. We also have developed our own Kessler Custom Sopranino Sax in order to provide players with a great performance, more affordable option!

Sopranino Saxophones

Featuring bari saxophones from Yanagisawa & Selmer Paris, we carry only the best! For the budget minded customer who still wants a great bari on a budget, take a look at the Kessler Custom Sopranino Saxophones. They are based on the Selmer Series II design but implement heavier Red Brass and Nickel-Silver alloys to give an even richer tone!

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