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The music industry is filled with a massive array of products. It can be quite overwhelming to even the seasoned professional. Even worse for a parent looking to find the best investment for their aspiring musician. The industry as a whole has gotten quite good at marketing to the student in order to tug on a parent’s heartstrings in order to tap deeper into their wallets. It’s sad.

Personal Advice Suited to YOUR Needs
One of the bedrock principles that we employ is that our job is to help you. This means more than simply giving great price & service. To us, this means that our primary job is to make sure that you are getting the best product for your needs, not to our bottom line. It may sound old-school to some but we firmly believe in building relationships with our customers. This means that we want what’s best for you and in many cases, that will mean that we talk you out of spending more or even buying at all! Many times we will talk to customers who want to buy something that after we talk to them, we recommend that they don’t need it at all!

Give Us a Call
When you call for advice, you will talk to one of the Kessler family. Most of the time, Dave Kessler will personally address your questions but if he is not available, you would talk to either Chuck Kessler or Adam Kessler. The 3 Kessler’s are well versed in all of the instruments that are on the market and can help you find the right instrument for your needs. If you want mouthpiece, reed or ligature advice, Dave Kessler can help diagnose your current setup and help you find the right setup change to impact the performance improvement that you are looking for!

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Professional Setup
When you buy an instrument from Kessler & Sons Music, it is completely setup in our ProShop prior to shipping to make sure it is perfect. Unlike the big box places and the massive e-commerce shopping houses who simply grab a box and slap a shipping label on it, we take the time to guarantee that your investment in yourself exceeds all possible expectations! Read more about our Professional Setup, what we call the Kessler Advantage, by clicking here.

Expert Advice – Personal Service – Professional Setup
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Meet the Team

Chuck Kessler

Founder of Kessler & Sons Music. Chuck heads the repair shop and trains all of the technicians to meet the exacting standards of our shop.

Dave Kessler
Sales Manager

Dave oversees all of our on-line & professional sales, private product development and our entire IT department!

Mark Love
Head Brass Tech

Mark is our head brass technician and oversees all of the brass technician training and service.

Adam Kessler
WW Tech & Product Engineer

Adam has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He performs many of the woodwind setups prior to shipping and also develops new products (like the new AK Ligature) and repair techniques to benefit musicians.

Kessler & Sons Music is a family owned & operated specialty music store serving the Las Vegas valley since 1989. We focus on woodwind & brasswind instruments & in providing absolutely the best possible service, selection, and price on the market. We are still your traditional small, family music shop, but with the help of the internet, we have extended our services to the world in order to help musicians achieve their best sound and performance!