Selmer Paris – Series III Tenor Sax – Jubilee Gold Lacquer

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Selmer Paris Series III Tenor Sax
64J – Jubilee Series III Tenor – Gold Lacquer

Series III Tenor Sax
The Series III tenor saxophones were released in the late 90’s to offer a Selmer that was more focused, responsive and brilliant than previous Selmer models. The end result is a horn that is articulate and precise with impeccable intonation & tonal clarity.

Selmer employs a lighter weight “mini-rib” construction that decreases the overall mass along the length of the body tube thus decreasing vibrational resistance. This means that the horn responds the quickest of the Selmer sax series. This is partnered with a tighter bore through the neck. This gives the Serie III sax more tonal brilliance and an impressive altissimo.

Play a Properly Setup Series III Tenor and be amazed!
Sadly, many people have never had a chance to play a completely properly regulated Serie III tenor before. This is due to a myriad of reasons, primarily of which is due to the fact that most music shops no longer or are no longer capable of performing a proper setup! That’s one of the biggest areas where we are different than the rest of the shops out there… as an Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop, we have been recognized by Selmer as the upper echelon of shops! We take the time to completely go through and regulate the horn before we deliver it to a customer to guarantee that your new horn is absolutely perfect! We do this because we know first hand how much difference a proper setup to an instrument can make. It can turn a horn from a perceived “dog” in to a top rate, marvelous instrument!

Additional Information

Kessler & Sons Music

Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop

Kessler & Sons Music is proud to be a Selmer Paris Pro Shop. Selmer Paris Pro Shops are carefully selected in order to offer the professional setup, experience and knowledge that Selmer Paris owners need. They are not chosen based on sales numbers but rather by expertise of the shop. Selmer Paris honors us with this designation and we work very hard to provide this expertise to every customer.

Every Selmer Paris instrument goes through a complete and thorough Professional Setup in our ProShop prior to shipping to make sure that you receive only the best!

Why would you want to risk a purchase as important as a Selmer Paris Series III Tenor with a dealer who isn’t a ProShop?? We know how to get the best out of you new Series III Tenor!

Are the Jubilee models better than the pervious models?
Yes and no… it depends on how old the previous model is that you are comparing. Currently, Selmer is physically manufacturing their horns to a higher level than they ever have in the past. The tone holes are manufactured better (and more level), firmer pads (Pisoni Pro) are now being used, the keywork has been modified to improve response, non-essential excess weight on the horn (which can hinder response and vibration) have been greatly diminished… all of which make the Jubilee models the best Selmer’s yet!

Some of these changes went in to place shortly before the Jubilee switch in 2011 but when all of them are combined on to the Jubilee & the horn is properly setup and regulated like we do in our shop, the Series II becomes one of the absolutely most impressive saxophones on the face of the planet!!!

Why did Selmer change the octave key on the Jubilee models?
The Jubilee models will be the first to feature the new redesigned neck octave key. The key has been redesigned to be lighter in weight thus improving vibration and responsiveness throughout the horn, but specifically in the altissimo of the sax. They also changed the mounting mechanism design on the Jubilee models that results in a much more stable and secure fitting octave key. The neck logo of the Selmer “S” has been modernized with a deeper blue background.

Series II Tenor vs. Series III Tenor… what’s the difference & one should I get?
Obviously, this is a personal preference issue and opinions on this will vary with everyone you talk to. So this section is the opinion of Dave Kessler on this topic:

Both the Series II and Series III tenor saxes are great horns. Especially with the level of manufacturing that Selmer has brought them up to today, either horn will impress players once properly setup. However, these two horns are very unique saxes. What I find between the two models is very simple:

  • Series II Tenor – Darker, richer &  mellower. A little more resistance that you can lean in to for a thicker  core. Can be brightened up with either mouthpiece or by placing a Serie III  neck on to the horn. Overall, more versatile for most players.
  • Series III Tenor – Brighter & much more focused in tone. Resistance is lighter though still present. Responds extremely easily with any style of player or mouthpiece. The horn has more potential for edge and brightness, especially for players that want to achieve power & projection with less effort. Downside is that this horn is harder to “darken down” than the II which can be an issue for players who play inherently bright.

Every Series III Tenor we send out to a customer is not released from us unless it has been completely setup in our shop first. This is because the setup on the horn is of the utmost importance! Sometimes, a saxophone (regardless of who the manufacturer or the price point is) comes in needing 20 minutes of adjustments and then the very next one can require 2 hours! So if you were to get 5 of the same model right out of the box, they will all play different which leads people to believe that they are “good” or “bad” saxes… but the reality is that the one that was the best out of the 5 was likely the one that needed the least amount of work and on the flip side, the “bad” sax was the one that needed 2 hours worth of adjustments!

Once the same 5 saxophones are properly regulated and adjusted to perfection, they become near identical saxophones that even the pickiest of players would be challenged to pick a true “favorite” horn. However, since most stores do not or even can not perform this setup, the player never knows this and is simply relying on the luck of the draw. This is why we perform our setup (in our ProShop) on them before delivering your new sax to you. You trust us with the purchase of your Series III Tenor and we want to make sure that you are rewarded by giving you your ideal saxophone setup flawlessly!

Selmer Paris Series III Tenor Sax Specifications
Country of Manufacture 100% Made in France
Finish Jubilee Series Honey Gold Lacquer
Pearls Mother of Pearl
Pads Pisoni Pro pads with Metal Resonators
Range Low Bb – High F#
Body Material Yellow Brass
Body Construction Mini-Rib
Mouthpiece Selmer Paris S80 C*
Case Selmer Paris Pro Series Case

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