Selmer Paris Reference 36 Tenor Sax

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Selmer Paris Reference 36 Tenor Sax

The Reference 36 tenor is an wonderfully sweet sounding horn! Selmer really went above and beyond on this horn. They truly have captured the rich, focused & responsive tonal characteristics of the vintage Balanced Action but have built upon it further with modern intonation and mechanics.

Selmer Paris applies the “Reference” concept to the tenor saxophone. A strong personality for an instrument of up-to-date design and making, in which each musician will find the “Balanced Action” feeling. The Selmer “Reference” Tenor: when history meets modernity.

Additional Information

Selmer Tenor saxes have a split vintage tone history with the Mark VI and the Balanced Action. Both of these horns offer amazing tonal performance but do so with different characteristics. With the Reference Series, Selmer opted to release 2 models that each pay homage to these respective saxophones.

Reference 54 Tenor Sax
The Reference 54 Tenor is “Made in the Spirit of the Mark VI”. This model is designed to give the more focused core like a Mark VI. It possesses a bit more grit and edge to the sound than the Ref 36 model.

Reference 36 Tenor Sax
The Reference 36 Tenor is “Made in the Spirit of the Balanced Action”. This model is designed to produce a more mellow and sweet tone than the Ref 54 does. It is wonderfully broad and complex without the bite of the 54.

Kessler & Sons Music

Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop

Kessler & Sons Music is proud to be a Selmer Paris Pro Shop. Selmer Paris Pro Shops are carefully selected in order to offer the professional setup, experience and knowledge that Selmer Paris owners need. They are not chosen based on sales numbers but rather by expertise of the shop. Selmer Paris honors us with this designation and we work very hard to provide this expertise to every customer.

Every Selmer Paris instrument goes through a complete and thorough Professional Setup in our ProShop prior to shipping to make sure that you receive only the best!

Is the Reference 36 Tenor a Copy of the Balanced Action?
No. Early in the Reference 36 Tenor’s release, many people took Selmer’s marketing of “Made in the Spirit of the Balanced” to mean “Copy of a Balanced”. The Reference 36 tenor is a horn that is designed to give tonal similarity to a Balanced Action but to combine it with a more modern horn (modern intonation, modern mechanics).

There are many things about the Reference 36 tenor that are better than the Balanced – primarily the build quality. The Reference 36tenor saxes are assembled today to a higher overall quality level than the Balanced was. The toneholes specifically are manufactured better than the Balanced. This allows for the use of the better Pisoni Pro pad – a pad that cannot be used on a vintage Selmer without the horn having all of its toneholes diamond levelled first.

Every Reference 36 tenor we send out to a customer is not released from us unless it has been completely setup in our shop first. This is because the setup on the horn is of the utmost importance! Sometimes, a saxophone (regardless of who the manufacturer or the price point is) comes in needing 20 minutes of adjustments and then the very next one can require 2 hours! So if you were to get 5 of the same model right out of the box, they will all play different which leads people to believe that they are “good” or “bad” saxes… but the reality is that the one that was the best out of the 5 was likely the one that needed the least amount of work and on the flip side, the “bad” sax was the one that needed 2 hours worth of adjustments!

Once the same 5 saxophones are properly regulated and adjusted to perfection, they become near identical saxophones that even the pickiest of players would be challenged to pick a true “favorite” horn. However, since most stores do not or even can not perform this setup, the player never knows this and is simply relying on the luck of the draw. This is why we perform our setup (in our ProShop) on them before delivering your new sax to you. You trust us with your purchase and we want to make sure that you are rewarded by giving you your ideal saxophone setup flawlessly!

Selmer Paris Reference 36 Tenor Sax Specifications
Country of Manufacture 100% Made in France
Finish Dark Lacquer – also available in brushed matte lacquer
Pearls Mother of Pearl
Pads Pisoni Pro pads with Metal Resonators
Range Low Bb – High F#
Body Material Yellow Brass
Body Construction Mini Ribbed
Mouthpiece Selmer Paris S80 C*
Case Selmer Paris Contoured Case

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