Powell Sonare 705 Series Flute

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Powell Sonare 705 Series Flutes

Verne Q. Powell flutes have long be known for professional flutes. In 2002, they created a flute revolution by introducing the Sonare brand; combining a professional Powell Solid Silver headjoint with a good intermediate body. Today, the new Powell Sonare flutes have gone even further! Now, not only the headjoint but also the body tubes are made by Powell in the USA. The keywork is made in Asia and the final assembly is performed in the USA. Featuring the new 2nd Generation Signature Series Headjoint, the Powell Sonare 705 Series flutes will impress the most discerning flautists and help provide younger players with true professional performing Solid Silver flute at an intermediate price!:

Additional Information

2nd Generation Headjoint
The Powell Sonare 705 Series flutes feature the new 2nd Generation Solid Silver “Signature Series” headjoint. This new model incorporates the lip plate from the Powell Philharmonic headjoint with the Signature cut. The end result is more power, projection and response.

Powell Sonare 705
The Powell Sonare 705 series is the most affordable Solid Silver flute in the Sonare lineup. The Sonare 705 features the sterling headjoint and is combined with a Solid Silver body tube (made by Powell in the USA). The keywork utilizes standard French pointed arm construction and open holes. The Sonare 705 is also upgraded with Gold springs for a true professional feel.

The Powell Sonare 705 gives you a professional flute at an affordable price!

Powell Sonare 705 Series Flute Options
The Sonare 705 can be configured with the following options:

  • Low B foot or Low C foot
  • Off-Set or In-Line G
  • Split E (Off-Set G only)
  • C# Trill
  • 9k Aurumite Lip Plate
  • 9k Aurumite Headjoint

By default, Kessler & Sons Music only stocks models with a Low B foot but we can special order with a Low C foot if a customer prefers. In-Line G models are also available on order.

9K Aurumite
Powell’s Aurumite is a process of fusing layers of gold to silver. This is thicker and more drastic than just “plating”, but rather helps to give the finished product more mass like solid gold would but without the drastic cost of solid gold. The Powell Sonare 705 Series Flute is available with either a 9k Aurumite Lip Plate or an entirely 9k Aurumite Headjoint!

Professional Setup
Every Powell Sonare 705 Series Flute that we send out to a customer is not released from us unless it has been completely setup in our shop first. This is because the setup on your flute is of the utmost importance! Sometimes, an instrument (regardless of who the manufacturer or the price point is) comes in needing 20 minutes of adjustments and then the very next one can require 2 hours!

This is why we perform our setup in our ProShop on your new Powell Sonare 705 Series Flute before delivering it to you. You trust us with your purchase and we want to make sure that you are rewarded by giving you your new flute setup flawlessly!

Powell Sonare 705 Series Flute Specifications

Headjoint Solid Silver Powell Signature Series 2nd Generation – made in the USA by Powell
Body Material Solid Silver – made in the USA by Powell
Keys Open Hole, Y-Arm
Footjoint Low B Foot
Springs Gold
G-Mechanism Off-Set G (split E mechanism available)
Case Deluxe Case with Case Cover
Setup Professional level setup performed by Chuck Kessler prior to shipping.
Warranty 1 Year covering defects in workmanship & material as well as pads & adjustments (through Kessler shop)

Financing Available

Sonare 705 Flutes: 18 Month Same As Cash Financing!

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