Kessler Custom Performance Series Tenor Sax

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Kessler Custom Performance Series Tenor Sax

Performance Series Tenor Sax Features
Our Performance Series Tenor Sax features the same advanced bore design and wonderfully strong brass that we use on our professional models. They are combined with a light weight “single post to body” construction to make the instrument vibrate easier for younger players. However, as the player grows, the saxophone grows with them due to the advanced professional bore. To help keep cost down, these models do not have any bell engraving other than the brand logo stamp on the bell. The finger touches are an imitation pearl as well. The keywork, pads & body tubes are the same parts used on our more expensive Standard Series saxophones. The Performance Series Tenor Sax gives you a phenomenal sax at a student & school friendly price!

Additional Information

Our Kessler Custom saxophones are the epitome of our philosophy of offering musicians with the highest quality gear at a more affordable price. By dealing directly with our factory rather than dealing with distributors, we are able to keep strict control over the quality of our saxophones and their design, as well as eliminate the typical middle-man markup that is associated with many saxophones on the market today. We sell direct to customers so that we can make sure that they are getting the best value.

Our Performance Series Tenor Sax offers the player the most amazing value possible due to our direct supply nature. These horns were chosen by the Kessler family to bear our name because we know that they are the absolute highest quality in build & performance. These instruments will outperform saxophones from other brands that are 2-3 times their price!

Our Kessler Custom Performance Series Saxophones feature the same professional series bore of our top tier Handmade Series! Outstanding Performance & Quality at Student Friendly Price!

Every Kessler Custom saxophone goes through our Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop prior to being delivered to the customer to guarantee perfect playability and includes a 1 year warranty covering defects in workmanship & materials as well as pads & adjustments!

Every horn we send out to a customer is not released from us unless it has been completely setup in our shop first. This is because the setup on the horn is of the utmost importance! Sometimes, a saxophone (regardless of who the manufacturer or the price point is) comes in needing 20 minutes of adjustments and then the very next one can require 2 hours! So if you were to get 5 of the same model right out of the box, they will all play different which leads people to believe that they are “good” or “bad” saxes… but the reality is that the one that was the best out of the 5 was likely the one that needed the least amount of work and on the flip side, the “bad” sax was the one that needed 2 hours worth of adjustments!

Once the same 5 saxophones are properly regulated and adjusted to perfection, they become near identical saxophones that even the pickiest of players would be challenged to pick a true “favorite” horn. However, since most stores do not or even can not perform this setup, the player never knows this and is simply relying on the luck of the draw. This is why we perform our setup (in our ProShop) on them before delivering your new sax to you. You trust us with your purchase and we want to make sure that you are rewarded by giving you your ideal saxophone setup flawlessly!

Kessler Custom Performance Series
Bore Professional French Style Bore
Body Material Brass (70% copper), Gold Lacquered (other finishes available)
Body Construction Single Post to Body Construction
Pads High Quality Leather with Metal Domed Resonators
Range Low Bb to High F#
Finger Touches Plastic
Mouthpiece Kessler Custom Plastic (upgrades available)
Case GL Cases ABS Case


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