Kessler Custom by Backun Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Kessler Custom by Backun Clarinet Mouthpiece
Made by Backun to Kessler Custom Specifications

The new Kessler Custom by Backun clarinet mouthpiece was designed with one thought in mind: Performance does not need to be matched by a high price. To achieve this goal, we collaborated with the best in the industry – Backun Musical Services in Canada.

The result of this collaboration with Backun lead to our new Kessler Custom by Backun professional series of mouthpieces. With great chambers, excellent craftsmanship and materials, we have been able to produce a mouthpiece that plays evenly and easily so that you can focus on simply playing, not on compensating for a poor mouthpiece.

These mouthpieces are made to offer players the quality and performance of $300-$400 mouthpieces but offer them at a price that is more affordable. At $175, our mouthpieces have no true equal from other makers. These mouthpieces are expertly crafted by Backun Musical Services in Canada using the same high quality custom mouthpiece blank produced by Zinner that are used on the Backun MoBa model mouthpieces!

“This is the mouthpiece I’ve been looking for since my old Lelandais warped in the 90s. And certainly more affordable than many other ‘custom’ Zinners out there. What separates it is it’s deep/open voicing and deep resistance. Where other mps play with an efficient, neat but limited scope of size and depth, this allows a very open voicing deep in the chamber.”
David Thomas Principal Clarinet, Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Additional Information

The Kessler Custom by Backun clarinet mouthpiece is are available in 2 models:

  • Model II – Classical Tip Opening (1.06mm)
    Ideal for a focused core tone that accentuates traditional classical performance
  • Model III – Open Tip Opening (1.16mm)
    Ideal for Solo performance – bigger sound that does not sacrifice response or tone

Kessler & Sons Music offers a 3 day trial / return policy by default on Kessler Custom by Backun clarinet mouthpiece. There are no cleaning fees or restocking fees (assuming that the item is returned in proper condition).

When we ship the mouthpiece, we install a blue protective film over the logo to help protect the logo from unrepairable scratches while it is being tested. We also install a tooth patch before shipping. This way you can test the mouthpiece without fear of damage. We recommend leaving these items on the mouthpiece during the testing phase and only to remove them after you have made the decision to keep the mouthpiece.

Please read our terms & conditions (link at the bottom of the page) for full details on this policy.

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