Kessler Custom Low C Bass Clarinet – 2nd Generation

Retail: $3,595.00

Financing Starting at $49.57 per month
Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate

More in Production – ETA October 30th
Due to the recent web review by Michael Lowenstern, we are now sold out but have another large batch that should be here by the end of October with another batch scheduled for a month later. Use the form below to be automatically notified when they are back in stock!

Coming to Vegas? We do have 1 for In Store Testing!
If you are planning on coming in to Vegas and wanted to try one, please note that we do actually have 1 remaining that we will not sell until the next batch comes in. We do this so that customers who want to make the trip just to test one out can do so.

Out of stock