Online Clarinet Rental Application

If you are ready to rent, you can use the application below! Please note, this application is ONLY for customers based in Nevada. This application is not for customers outside of Nevada.

Current or Previous Renters – Read This First!
If you are currently renting with us at any of our locations, or have rented from us in the past 3 years, DO NOT fill out this form! Instead, come on in to the store as you likely do not need to be re-approved!

Credit Check Required
All of our rentals are on approved credit. By completing this form, you will have run a standard TransUnion Credit Check. This will show as an inquiry on your credit report. If you have rented from our company in the past 3 years, please do not fill out this form, but instead, give us a call or send us an email.

No Short Term Rentals During COVID
All of our rentals are a 1 month minimum rental payment. However, through the current COVID pandemic, any rental that is returned before the 2nd monthly payment will have a $35 cleaning & sterilization fee. This is because we have to service & sterilize the rental before it can be rented again. Any rental that is returned that has already had more than 2 full rental payments will not be assessed this fee.