Las Vegas Bell Kit / Percussion Kit Rentals
Rent-To-Own | Best Pricing in the USA!

Our rental programs are the most affordable and most flexible in Las Vegas. Whether you are looking for New Bell Kit (also known as a Percussion Kit) Rentals or looking for the best value use our Used Bell Kit Rentals, we have the best rental plans, pricing and options for trumpet rentals anywhere! With the most respected and qualified repair shop in Nevada, our used Bell Kit rentals are maintained in exceptional condition and allow us to offer the Lowest Prices and the Best Rental Options available!

Please note, all 3 of our stores are OPEN to the public (as long as customers follow the current mask mandate from the state). So we gladly welcome you to come in to our stores! However, for customers that are still not comfortable with coming in to a public place or who refuse to follow the current mask mandate, we also offer Curbside options.

Clean & Safe Rentals with Grenadier Plus!

We spent all summer cleaning & sterilizing our rental fleet using our own in house repair facilities. In addition to our normal cleaning processes, we added the use of the Disinfectant “Grenadier Plus”, a proven killer of the Coronavirus on surfaces, to all of our rentals!

Top 3 Questions New Renters Ask

Should I Rent a Used or New Instrument?

Should I Rent Used or New?
Used Bell Kit rentals can be a great option as they are more affordable. The question that most parents are concerned about is performance & quality. We have the largest & most trusted repair shop in Nevada. We maintain ALL of our used student Bell Kit rentals so they will offer your student a marvelous performing instrument that is clean and reliable. However, if you want a brand new one, we rent the Yamaha Bell Kit at the best price anywhere!

Is It Rent-To-Own?

Automatically Rent-To-Own!
In our shop, we do not sell our used student Bell Kit rentals. Instead, we apply 100% of ALL Rental Fees to the purchase of a NEW Bell Kit (at retail price). This way your student can learn how to handle and care for the Bell Kit using one of our rentals, and in the end, you end up owning a Brand New Bell Kit instead of a used instrument!

How Much Rent Applies to Purchase?

Why is Our Rent-To-Own Better?
Other stores in Las Vegas will tell you that they also allow for 100% of the rent to apply to new Bell Kit, but they will add a limit of 12 months or 24 months in their contract fine print. So while they are technically applying 100% of the rent, they are only allowing “100% of 12 Months Rent” or “100% of 24 Months Rent”. When you rent a used Bell Kit from us, we apply 100% of ALL RENT PAID, towards the new Bell Kit! You are free to accumulate as high of a “Rent Credit” as you want with us! No one matches this!!

Bell Kit Rental Prices

Maintenance, Damage & Loss/Theft Coverage
All of our rentals include standard maintenance coverage (normal wear & tear). We also offer 2 additional coverage options to choose from that go further in their coverage. While highly recommended, neither is required for a rental.

Not All Companies Cover Loss & Theft!!
If you’re still shopping & comparing, one thing to note is that many companies will only cover damage, not true loss or theft. Some will tell you that they do, but only under such a limited scope that you might not actually be covered!

Our Coverage Protects Against Loss & Theft – Not Just Damage!

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For example, one of our competitors says that they theft as part of their optional coverage (that they also charge more for than our coverage), but in their fine print they state:

“…does not cover mysterious disappearance from the school band or orchestra room or lockers…”  &   that claims of theft require a “Police Report showing forced entry within 72 hours of the loss … The {insurance} does not cover theft without proof of breaking and entering.”

The HEAVY majority of loss/theft claims fall under this “mysterious disappearance” definition – kids leaving them at the bus stop, misplacing at school, taken from the band room, etc… – so our competitor would not cover it. We cover it all!

Save Time – Start Your Rental On-Line!

Your time is valuable! So to help, we have our new On-Line Rental Application to help so that you can get our industry best pricing & the convenience that you deserve!

Apply Now!

*Rentals are OAC. Person listed on the rental application must take delivery of the rental (either In Store or via Curbside Pickup – Shipping also available on select instruments). This is to help protect against fraud and help keep our prices to you low. By proceeding to the online rental, you agree that you have read & accepted the terms & conditions as stated on this page, including the terms below.

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Rental Terms

Payment Options

By default, customers will receive a coupon payment book to be able to mail in with monthly payment. Customers, may also pay in store or with a credit/debit card over the phone. Customers can opt in for automatic monthly payments on any major credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express). We do not have the ability to accept “e-checks” or automatic EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from your bank account, but we can use your debit card (with Visa/MC symbol) through our Automatic Card processing for you if you like.

If Yearly option is chosen, the initial payment covers the first 12 months up front. Once the 12 months have passed, the rental will default to the monthly rate as stated on the contract, defaulting to a monthly contract at that time. Customer can choose to pay up another 12 month yearly payment at the same discounted yearly rate that you initially paid. However, that yearly payment will re-up the same yearly term as the initial yearly rental. (see “term length” details for more information)

Protection Plan Terms

$3 Protection Plan
Covers normal wear and tear, accidental dropping of instrument and damage with a coverage limit of $60 per occurrence. There are no deductibles. Repairs exceeding $60 coverage limit will have the first $60 covered with the customer responsible for remaining balance. Customers may upgrade their insurance coverage at any time during the contract but the contract holder must be present with the rental instrument in store. Insurance upgrade cannot be performed at the time of a repair.

$5 Protection Plan
Covers normal wear and tear, accidental dropping of instrument and damage with no coverage limit. There are no deductibles.
Loss or theft is covered under the following terms: Loss and/or Theft claims MUST be reported to Kessler & Sons Music and accompanied by an official Police Report (school incident reports are not acceptable) within 48 Hours of occurrence. Police Report MUST specify Kessler & Sons Music as a victim and legal owner of instrument. The customer is responsible for verifying that the Police Report lists specifically the correct 1) Instrument Type 2) Brand of Instrument 3) Serial Number of Instrument 4) Stated Value of Instrument according to the rental contract. Any report that is filed incorrectly will NOT be covered by insurance.

Kessler & Sons Music retains the sole authorized repair facility under the terms of this agreement and will not cover repair costs from other persons or companies. Rental Payments MUST be current for any Optional Insurance claims. Insurance coverage excludes willful abuse. Kessler & Sons Music reserves the right to cancel insurance coverage in event of willful abuse.

Term Length

Default Rental agreement is a 1 month minimum rental payment on most instruments. Some instruments carry a 3 month minimum. If customer has chosen a “Yearly” contract option, the initial term of the rental agreement is a Pre-Paid 12 Month Minimum agreement. On a Yearly contract, after initial 12 month requirement has been fulfilled, the contract will default to a standard month-to-month contract at the stated “Monthly Payment” rate. Customer can choose to renew “Yearly” contract rate under the same initial “Yearly” terms. There are no refunds for pre-paid rent on any rental contracts.

Due Dates/Fees

Rental payments are due in advance. Rental payment due date will be specified on rental contract. Kessler & Sons Music does not pro-rate rental fees. Customer has 15 days after the payment is due for payment to be received. Payments received after the 15th day are subject to a $5.00 late fee. No Exceptions. Any account that goes beyond 60 days past due date without payment may be subject to a collection agency. Kessler & Sons Music will attempt to contact customer prior to any collection agency submission. Seriously past due accounts may be sold to a collection agency and further account payments, settlement and contact will be solely between collection agency and customer.


Customer assumes full responsibility for the contracted instrument. Customer shall be responsible for damages to or loss of stated instrument unless covered by Optional Insurance coverage (subject to stated terms). Customer is responsible for returning rental with all included accessories and supplies that were provided with rental. Kessler & Sons Music guarantees that supplied instrument will be completely adjusted and delivered in good working order with needed accessories.

Approval & Other Terms

All rentals on approved credit. Rental instruments must be delivered to the person listed on the contract either by shipment direct to the customer’s confirmed address or by customer being present in store to take delivery. We cannot accept an out of state application for local rental if the customer is not in store. $8.25/mo advertisement is in reference to any $99 yearly rental which averages out to $8.25 per month. Not all instruments qualify for Yearly program. Listing of instrument does not guarantee availability. New instrument rental brands & models are selected solely by Kessler & Sons Music. Yearly rentals not available on new instruments. Rent-To-Own “rent credit” can only be applied to the same type of instrument on the rental contract (i.e. if you rent an alto sax, you can only apply it towards an alto sax). “Rent Credit” can only be applied towards the Retail Price of a New instrument that is at least of like quality and type (sale prices not applicable), not towards accessories/repairs/services. Usage of “rent credit” requires that the rental instrument is turned in at the time of rent credit application. Contact store for full details.