French Horns

We carefully select our stock of French Horns based on their performance, quality and value. We stock a few select models and configurations that are designed to give you the best. On the professional level, the Conn 8D series of French Horns is the best. For student/intermediate models, we carry a few really amazing values, both in the Antigua and our own Solist French Horns.

“All French Horns are completely inspected in our ProShop to guarantee their quality. Horns that do not meet our standards are sent back to their manufacturer.”
Dave Kessler

French Horns

Double Horns
We only stock Double French Horns. Whether it is our performance value Solist or the Vintage 8D, we go through each and every one to make sure that they are properly built and setup so that you get a great horn!

Professional Horns
Focusing on the Conn 8D French Horns, we are also dealers for the Holton models. If there is a model that you do not see listed that you are interested in, please give us a call!

Screwbell Horns
Screwbell French Horns give you the convenience of a more portable package.

Financing Available

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