Azumi Flutes
Designed by Altus

Designed by Altus founder and flutemaker Shuichi Tanaka, Azumi flutes are a perfect fit for the serious student and aspiring flutist. Featuring a true professional model headjoint, made in Japan by Altus, the Altus Z-Cut headjoint helps you produce a full & rich tone in all three registers.

For almost 30 years, Altus has hand-crafted flutes that embody the ideals of vintage inspiration and modern technology. Created by Master Flute Maker Shuichi Tanaka, Altus flutes reflect his passion for combining the finest playing flutes with the finest materials and artistry. The meticulous design of Altus flutes and its acclaimed Altus/Bennet scale offers excellent intonation, carefully tuned harmonics and balanced registers. The masterfully hand-sculpted headjoints and precision tubings produce the remarkable sound of the Altus flute. Azumi flutes are also designed by Mr. Tanaka and are a perfect fit for the serious student and aspiring artist.

Azumi Flutes
We carry a carefully selected assortment of Azumi Flutes. However, if there is a configuration of Azumi flutes that you are interested in but do not see listed, please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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Retail: $2,009.00 - $2,129.00
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Handmade Models

Altus Handmade Models
We are also a dealer for Altus Flutes Handmade in Japan. If you are interested in a handmade model from Altus Flutes, please give us a call or send us an e-mail so that we can properly address your performance needs.

Azumi Flutes - Altus Z-Cut Headjoint

Altus Z-Cut Headjoint
The most distinctive feature of all Azumi flutes is the Altus Z-cut professional headjoint which responds quickly and easily and produces a full and rich tone in all three registers.

The Z Cut headjoint is handmade by Altus and is included on every Azumi flute. The attention to detail in the handmade process creates a more responsive and flexible tone. The headjoint features a fairly rectangular shaped embouchure hole which makes it responsive and clean with fantastic articulation. This headjoint is open and free, singing easily in all registers. It is a headjoint which begs to be played, because it makes all those difficult things seem so much easier. Response from the low B to the high C (and even D!) is immediate and flawless. The sound is open and full. The tone produced blends beautifully, and is therefore very well suited for a band or orchestral setting. The response makes it a fantastic choice for jazz players as well, who sometimes have to jump from sax to flute and get the high C to pop as though it is easy.

Azumi Flutes - Altus-Bennett Scale

Altus-Bennett Scale
Based on the work and recommendations of renowned British flutist William Bennett, the Altus–Bennett scale offers excellent intonation, carefully tuned harmonics, and balanced registers.

Altus flutemaker Shuichi Tanaka along with Bennett admired Albert Cooper’s scale work and made some modifications of their own, creating the Altus/Bennett scale. The Altus/Bennett scale is used on all Altus and Azumi flutes. The precise intonation not only makes these flutes effortless to play in tune, it also enhances the resonance of the instrument. A more resonant flute has more depth and color to the sound, and is more flexible.

It may help to explain exactly what is meant by the “scale” of an instrument. The instrument’s scale is the relationship of the toneholes to each other, the size of each hole, and the distance of the toneholes from the embouchure. The musician will play with better intonation while expending less effort with a well built scale.


Financing Available

Financing Available!

Affordable Financing Available on all Azumi Flutes. Some models even qualify for special Same As Cash terms!
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