Flutes & Piccolos

Kessler & Sons Music carries a carefully selected variety of flutes & piccolos in our shop. There are so many brands and models and options available to the consumer that it can be very difficult to find the right flute. So we meticulously sift and sort through everything that the industry has to offer in order to offer our customers the absolutely best values and best flutes on the market today! If you are having a hard time figuring out exactly which flute or piccolo is right for your needs, give us a call and talk to one of our experts today!

Flutes & Piccolos

We carry a lot of different flutes in our shop. The listing below is of every model sorted only by price from least expensive to most.

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Retail: $3,064.00 - $3,281.00
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Retail: $3,900.00 - $4,105.00
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Retail: $3,624.00 - $4,839.00
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Retail: $4,795.00
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Retail: $4,995.00
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Free Extended Warranty

Featuring a Japanese made Altus Z-Cut Headjoint, the Azumi by Altus flutes have quickly risen to prominence as one of the most recommended advanced flutes on the market.

View Azumi Flutes

Di Zhao flutes combine the lifetime of experience with companies such as Powell & Haynes into a product that truly offers students a flute that will grow with them regardless fo their level.

View Di Zhao Flutes

One of the true innovators, Pearl Flutes offer the players a flute that combines unique design, performance and quality from one of the flute industry’s most trusted makers.

View Pearl Flutes

No name exudes more confidence from the falutist then Powell. The Powell Sonare flutes combine that confidence with affodability and performance value.

View Sonare Flutes

Student Flutes

Student flutes used to provide young players with low cost instruments, but they usually also low performance flutes. We instead look for student flutes that offer younger players a great playing instrument that can truly grow with them while maintaining an affordable price. Some of the flutes in this category will also be more than just a “student flute” and are able to give higher end performance a student price!

View Student Flutes

Step-Up Flutes

Intermediate (also called Step-Up) flutes give players the next logical “step up” from a student instrument. These flutes will give higher end performance through either enhanced designs and/or materials. These models will all be open hole flutes with a low B footjoint. Many of the flutes that we carry in this category will also feature a professional headjoint cut to further improve performance!

View Intermediate Flutes

Solid Silver Flutes

While the design of the headjoint and the overall flute is more important than the material of the flute, there is no denying that the material does have an impact. Solid Silver flutes have a richer overall tone with greater tonal presence than the same flutes without Solid Silver.

View Solid Silver Flutes


We carry a carefully selected assortments of piccolos chosen based on their performance value. Featuring our Kessler Custom Artist Series Composite Piccolo, we carry piccolos from Jupiter, Pearl, diMedici, Burkart & More!

View Piccolos

Alto & Bass Flutes

The Harmony Flute family can be some of the most beautiful sounding instruments.

View Alto & Bass Flutes

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