Bass Clarinets

Bass Clarinets are a wonderfully rich sounding instrument! While they are wonderful in sound, for the customer looking to buy one, the experience of finding bass clarinets worth purchasing can be difficult. Most bass clarinets will be student models keyed only to low Eb. While there is nothing wrong with that, most players today want to play modern stage music and that music commonly requires bass clarinets that are keyed down to low C. So whether you are looking for a low Eb student model, a low C model that is affordable, or the world’s finest low C bass clarinets, we are here to help!

Bass Clarinets

Bass Clarinets
Whether you are looking for the best playing student bass clarinet (the Selmer USA 1430LP was redesigned a few years ago and now fits that description), affordable Low C Bass Clarinets (such as our Kessler Custom) or the world’s finest with the Selmer Privilege or the Buffet Tosca, we can help!

Regardless of which instrument you get, all bass clarinets are completely gone through our professional shop prior to shipping to make sure that it is perfect!

Low C Bass Clarinets
Most modern music is being written for low C bass clarinets. This music simply doesn’t sound right when played on anything else!

Low Eb Bass Clarinets
Student bass clarinets are typically only keyed to low Eb in order to make the instrument easier and thus less expensive to manufacturer. Currently, we feel that the Selmer USA 1430LP is the best student bass clarinet on the market! Want a true professional model but don’t care for the Low C?? Then the Selmer Paris Privilege is for you as Selmer makes it in both Low Eb or Low C models.

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Financing Available!

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