A Clarinets
(clarinets in the key of A)

A Clarinets are instruments that are commonly misunderstood. Many times, manufacturer’s A clarinets are really not much more than their Bb counterpart that has been slightly elongated in order to be pitched at the lower key of A. This leads to some common problems with A clarinets, specifically a general sluggish “tubby-ness” to the instrument’s response. So we try and sift through the A clarinets offerings in order to give our customers a better option. Also, since A clarinets tend to be more expensive than their Bb counterparts, we look for A clarinets that specifically offer you a better value!

A Clarinets

A Clarinets
There are a few specific models of A clarinet that we recommend based on their price, performance and the overall combination of value. With Buffet models, we also HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of one of our Barrel upgrade options and specifically, a Cocobolo barrel! We find that the appropriate Backun Cocobolo barrel is a marvelous fit for the Buffet A clarinets offering a wonderful tone and greatly improved response!

The SeleS by Selmer Paris A clarinets are also exceptional performing instruments with great response, power, control and tonal depth.

Completely Overhauled!
$1,899.00 $1,599.00
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Retail: $3,343.00
Retail: $6,882.00
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Retail: $8,710.00
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Retail: $14,125.00

The clarinet barrel is one of the best ways to improve your A clarinets response. Cocobolo barrels and the Buffet ICON barrel are marvelous performers for A clarinets as they both greatly improve the response of the instrument, helping to even out the registers.

Retail: $169.00
Great Value!
Retail: $179.00 - $358.00
New Model!
Retail: $276.00
Retail: $276.00
Retail: $276.00
Retail: $215.00
Out of stock
Retail: $1,230.00

The bell can make more difference on A clarinets! Cocobolo Backun bells offer a beautiful response and tonal sweetness. The Buffet ICON bell also greatly improves the response and control of an A clarinet!

Retail: $525.00
Retail: $342.00

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