Nevada Mask Mandate

On June 24th, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced that effective Friday June 26th, that Nevadans are required to wear masks in public. This includes visiting businesses. Originally, this requirement was only for employees of businesses but has now been expanded to include customers.

Our Store Mask Policy

We will respect and follow the Nevada mandate. This means that all customers who are otherwise not exempt from this mandate will be required to wear face coverings before entering any of our locations. If you do not have a mask on when entering, you will be asked to put a mask on (we will provide one if you do not have one). Customers who are exempt from the mask mandate include:

    • Children ages 9 and below
    • Customers who cannot wear masks due to medical conditions.

Regardless of how we feel about these new regulations, we are following the mandate from Governor Sisolak.

Curbside Still Available

For our local customers, we will continue to offer curbside service. We realize that there will still be customers who do not feel comfortable walking in to stores right now, so we will still continue to offer our Curbside Services for the immediate future. We can also still ship items to customers if they like.

Simply visit our Curbside Order page and choose the store location you wanted to pickup from for their curbside ordering form. Full details and online forms can be found on our site here:

Final Thoughts

Like you, we look forward to the day that these policies are no longer needed. Until then, we ask that customers understand that we are simply following the current legal orders from the Nevada government and respect these new regulations.

If you have any questions about this policy, please email Dave Kessler at

-The Kessler Family