Nevada COVID-19 Update: Re-Opening Soon (Hopefully)!


It has been a little over a month now since Nevada shut down all non-essential businesses. This month has been tough for everyone. Like you, we are all hoping for it to end soon and are eagerly awaiting that news.

On April 16th, Governor Sisolak held a press conference on this topic in regards to Nevada. In this press conference, he didn’t provide any specific time table. However, he did not say anything about extending the closures either!

He did say that re-opening businesses “…would be a very gradual manner. Restrictions would slowly be released or relieved a little bit…” which when combined with the lack of an extension to the April 30th mandate could mean that May 1st might see some businesses allowed to open up again. I hope this is the case!

When will we open?

We are currently open in an e-commerce capacity. While all 3 of our locations are closed to the public, our staff is still answering phone calls and replying to e-mails. Orders placed online are still processing and shipping. Even our repair shop is functioning, but requires that instruments are shipped in since we are not allowed to open to the public.

I cannot give any firm statements of when and how we will re-open our 3 locations to the public. However, I believe we might be able to re-open our stores in a limited capacity at the beginning of May. This will likely not be a “back to business as normal” type of opening though. We still have to wait for the Governor to give more clear indications, something he should surely provide next week.

When we do re-open, I anticipate that certain functions will still not be 100% available. For example, I would suspect that private lessons would continue to be suspended as they require a rather close proximity between teacher and student. There will also be a new repair quarantine period, allowing instruments to dry out before our technicians handle them. While we have not set all of these policies yet, these are a few examples of things that might not be “business as usual” when we do get to re-open.

Employee Update

We did not let go or even furlough any of our staff. Our staff is part of our family and we take care of them. We are looking forward to having all of them back in our stores to help customers again!

Autism Awareness Campaign

During this shutdown, we are beyond thankful for our customers who still continued to purchase. Obviously, this allowed us to continue to pay staff through this shutdown. This has also helped with our annual Autism Awareness Campaign donation. Every year we donate 10% of the proceeds from all instrument sales in April to Autism foundations. We continued this program in April because these foundations are seeing massive donation decreases due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Autism isn’t taking a break and so neither can we!

This year, our donation will be given to Families for Effective Autism Treatment (F.E.A.T) of Southern Nevada. This is such a great organization and we would encourage you to look at donating directly to them as well! Visit them online at

See you soon!

We miss our customers! We can’t wait to see you and your students again. Keep safe and we’ll see you soon!

– The Kessler Family