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2013 NAMM Show Report

Another NAMM show has now come and gone. Every year, music retailers & professionals converge [...]

Purchasing a Discontinued Instrument – Pros & Cons

The music industry is constantly changing. Manufacturer’s are constantly changing and modifying models while also [...]

Rico Reserve Clarinet Mouthpieces

Rico Reserve Clarinet Mouthpieces Building on the success of the Rico Reserve professional reeds, D’Addario [...]

Anatomy of a Clarinet Crack Repair

Recently, we launched one of 2 new sites for our company focussing on the repair [...]

Antigua Backun vs. Leblanc Bliss – Intermediate Wood Clarinet Comparison

Antigua Backun CL3230 vs. Leblanc Bliss 210 The clarinet market is in for a new [...]

2012 NAMM Report – Rebound?

The NAMM show is the biggest (in the USA) industry convention show held the 3rd [...]

Instrument Material & Tonal Performance

What is the relevance of the material of a wind instrument? Honestly, you will get [...]

Why Do We Setup Every Instrument???

I have had customers ask me why we need to perform a professional setup on [...]

Professional Setup – Getting the Most Out of Your Horn!

“You have to try out several of this model to find one that plays great” [...]

NAMM Report 2011 – “Take it to 11!”

The NAMM (National Association of Musical Merchants) show in Anaheim, CA is the big industry [...]