Back to School – Rentals During COVID

Schools are returning in some shape or form across the country. There are many questions and concerns from everyone on how to do this safely. Specific to music, we have had many band & orchestral directors asking about cleaning & sterilizing their own school equipment as well as concerned parents who need to obtain an instrument for their student. So we wanted to take a moment to share with our customers the steps that we have taken to address School Music Rentals during COVID.

Used Rental Instruments

Our most popular rentals are from our used instrument rental selection. Used rentals provide an affordable rental option for new musicians. We routinely service our used rentals to ensure that they are in perfect working order. However, we have taken additional cleaning and sterilization steps this year to provide students with safe options.

First, our normal cleaning and servicing procedure on wind instruments has always included 2 stages of cleaning:

    • Stage 1: Etch Klenz EZ – This is a phosphoric acid based solution designed to destroy organic material.
    • Stage 2: Soap & Water Cleaning – We thoroughly clean with traditional soap & water.

By most measures, this should be enough. However, due to Covid, we decided to take it further.

Stage 3 – Grenadier Plus

Grenadier Plus is a disinfectant that is proven to kill Coronavirus on surfaces. Once items are cleaned through the previous 2 stages, they are then submerged in a large vat of Grenadier Plus to fully disinfect. This is the new Stage 3 in our cleaning process for rental wind instruments.

What About Orchestra?

Orchestral instruments should not be submerged in any liquid. So for these instruments, after their traditional cleaning, we finish by wiping them down with Grenadier Plus on clean cloths. This includes the instrument, the bow, the chin rest and the case.

How Can I Rent?

Our rental program is only available inside of Nevada currently. For customers in the Las Vegas Valley area, we have 3 locations that are open and able to serve you. We are also expanding our Curbside Services to include rentals. You can start your rental online and then choose curbside pickup at the location of your choice. Many instruments are also available to be shipped to your home.

If you are in Nevada but outside of the Las Vegas Valley, many of these instruments can be shipped to your home. Larger instruments and more fragile instruments are unfortunately not available for shipping.

Wherever you are in Nevada, simply go to our Rentals Page Here and select whether you are in the Las Vegas area or not. You can then select your instrument type and proceed from there.

If you are outside of Nevada, we are unfortunately not able to provide rental services due to various sales tax law changes that have happened across the USA in the past 2 years. We can still sell and ship new instruments to you (with the exception of Kansas unfortunately, also due to sales tax laws) and offer amazing instrument values. Even if there is a model that you don’t see listed on our site, make sure to give us a call as many options are available over the phone or in store that are not available online!

Part of Your Local Community

We are local. Mrs. Kessler was born and raised in Las Vegas. Mr. Kessler moved to Las Vegas in the late 1970’s. All 6 of their children (5 sons & 1 daughter) were born and raised here in Las Vegas and so were all of the grand-kids (15 so far)!

All of our company policies are based on what we would want from a local music store if we were the customer on the other side of the counter! We have been serving the needs of the Las Vegas music community since 1989 and will continue to do so!

We look forward to serving you and your family’s musical needs now and in the future!

Be Safe,

-The Kessler Family