A Beautiful Horn Restored – King Zephyr Special

Please note: this sax is not for sale.

OK, so this blog post isn’t much about any specific topic or filled with loads of new information… but rather this is a post that we wanted to use to share with you one of our favorite horns to ever come through the shop… a 1939 King Zephyr Special tenor sax, serial 209918.

The story on this sax is simple… it was “Grandpa’s horn” and grandma wanted to get it restored for one of her grandkids to play for her in memory of grandpa. Thankfully, she agreed that this horn would not go to school with the kid, but only be used in her presence and supervision.

The sax itself was not in bad shape and honestly our restoration work was not intense. We simply took this beautiful old piece of history and brought it back to its original glory from when it was new in 1939. The horn had its original finish and pearls – even the original hand crafted case was in beautiful shape.

So enjoy!