Alto Saxophones

Kessler & Sons Music carries a carefully selected variety of alto saxophones in our shop. There are so many brands and models and options available to the consumer that it can be very difficult to find the right alto sax. So we meticulously sift and sort through everything that the industry has to offer in order to offer our customers the absolutely best values and best alto saxophones on the market today! If you are having a hard time figuring out exactly which horn is right for your needs, give us a call and talk to one of our experts today!

Alto Saxophones

Alto Saxophones
We carry a lot of different alto saxophones in our shop. The listing below is of every model sorted only by price from least expensive to most.

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Retail: $1,369.00
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Retail: $1,699.00
Retail: $1,799.00
Retail: $1,849.00
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Retail: $2,049.00
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Retail: $2,775.00
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Retail: $2,895.00
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Retail: $2,995.00
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Retail: $2,999.00
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Retail: $3,295.00
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Retail: $2,995.00 - $3,195.00
Retail: $5,541.00
Retail: $6,482.00
$3,599.00$4,148.00 $3,349.00$4,148.00
Retail: $6,896.00
Retail: $6,499.00
$3,799.00$4,295.00 $3,699.00$4,295.00
Retail: $6,731.00
Out of stock
Retail: $6,482.00
Retail: $7,740.00
Out of stock
Retail: $8,892.00 - $9,431.00
Retail: $9,996.00
Retail: $9,996.00
Retail: $9,066.00
Retail: $10,773.00
ProShop Overhauled!
$7,000.00 $5,999.00
Out of stock
Retail: $10,254.00
Out of stock
Retail: $10,793.00
Retail: $9,816.00
Out of stock
Retail: $9,816.00
Out of stock
Retail: $10,188.00
Out of stock
Retail: $10,201.00
Out of stock
Retail: $10,961.00
Limited Edition, In Stock!
Retail: $11,996.00
$8,169.00 $7,855.00
ProShop Overhauled!
$9,000.00 $7,999.99
Retail: $15,445.00
Out of stock
Retail: $24,749.00

Student Alto Saxophones

We look for student saxophones that offer younger players a great playing horn that they can truly grow with at a more affordable price. We also offer several intermediate/step-up saxophones at traditional “student” sax prices giving you an even better value!

View Student Altos

Step-Up Alto Saxophones

Step-Up (also called Intermediate) alto saxophones give players the next logical “step up” from a student saxophone. Many feature more professional inspired designs and features but are assembled in a manner that provides cost effectiveness.

View Step-Up Altos

Professional Alto Saxophones

We scour the world to provide only the best of the best and what we categorize a “Professional” saxophone based on its performance and its build quality, not it’s marketability. These saxophones are guaranteed to be only the BEST saxophones available on the market today!

View Professional Altos

Yanagisawa saxophones offers the world’s finest craftsmanship in professional saxophones! Handmade in Japan, they provide unrivaled value and performance!

View Yanagisawa Altos

Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop

Handmade France, the Selmer Paris line of saxophones sets the standards for the term “Professional” in regards to saxophones!!

View Selmer Paris Altos

Kessler Custom Saxophones offer a full range of altos from student to top end professional! All of our altos are built around a professional bore and offer unparalleled performance and value!

View Kessler Custom Altos

Julius Keilwerth saxophones are made in Germany and possess one of the most unique sounds on the market. They have a tonal presence that is larger than any other manufacturer on the market.

View Julius Keilwerth Altos