Buffet Clarinets

Buffet Clarinets are considered the best of the best by more professionals, educators and technicians. While obviously “the best” is open to personal opinion, the fact is that more professional clarinetists play on and recommend Buffet Clarinets than all other brands. Whether you are a student or a professional, Buffet clarinets are available in many styles and models to suit your clarinet playing needs!

Why buy your Buffet from Kessler & Sons Music?
Buffet clarinets are wonderful instruments, but like all instruments, they can always benefit from a great professional setup. No matter what level of instrument you are buying, all Buffet clarinets go through a complete and thorough professional setup in our ClarinetRepairs.com pro shop prior to shipping to ensure that you receive a marvelous instrument! This is something that most shops either do not do or simply may not be able to do. We will make sure that your new Buffet is the best that you have ever played!

Buffet Clarinets

Professional Buffet Clarinets
The Professional Line of Buffet Clarinets are divided in to 2 bore families:

  • R13 Bore – Buffet Clarinets based on the R13 bore: R13 | R13 Prestige | R13 Vintage | Festival | Tosca
  • RC Bore – Buffet Clarinets based on the RC bore: RC | RC Prestige | Divine

In the USA, the R13 bore is the more popular due to its richer and broader tone. The RC bore features more precise intonation and response, but a slightly more brilliant tone. The Festival model is our favorite due to its combination of the R13 bore, but with the register tube of the RC family (the “French tube”). We feel this gives the best of both worlds… especially when the Festival is paired with one of our “Barrel for a Buck” offerings!

Please note that if you are interested in a model not listed here, please give us a call.

Student & Intermediate Buffet Clarinets
The student and intermediate model of Buffet Clarinets offer exceptional performance, quality and value. Primarily, the Buffet B12 (plastic student), E11 (wood student) and the E12F (intermediate wood) all offer clarinetists affordable options that will grow with their needs.

If there is a model that you are looking for that is not listed, please give us a call!

Buffet Clarinets in the Key of A
The Buffet Clarinets in the key of A are built on the same overall specifications as their Bb counterparts. We generally recommend a few specific models of A clarinet that we feel address the needs of clarinetists. So in the “affordable” category, the E11 – in the R13 family of sound, we feel that the Festival A is the best option due to its value and its register tube/bore combination – and the Divine A clarinet if the money is not the issue!

If there is a model of A clarinet that you are looking for that is not listed, please give us a call.

Buffet Bells & Barrels
Buffet’s offering of barrels and now bells has grown over the past few years and helps to add versatility and flexibility to the overall performance of Buffet clarinets. Whether you want a bigger richer sound, clearer throat tones or better response & tonal focus, the Buffet line of bells and barrels are a wonderful compliment to the Buffet clarinets!

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