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Backun Musical Services is headed by Clarinet mad-scientist Morrie Backun. Morrie is known around the world for his custom barrels, bells, mouthpieces & clarinets. While Backun doesn’t have the long storied history of the “big guys”, having only started in 2000, they are one of the “good guys”. They employ the concept of a small family business with perfecting the “art” of the clarinet! The end result are products that offer quality, performance and value rolled in to each and every one of their products.

Backun Products

The end result of all of Morrie Backun’s bell and barrel tinkering as well as his work with some of the world’s finest clarinetists has come to the fruition that is the Backun family of clarinets. Whether you need a top end professional clarinet for largest halls to even the best synthetic clarinet ever made, there is a Backun clarinet that can match your needs!

Please note that if you are interested in a model not listed here, please give us a call.

Clarinet Barrels
The original product that launched the Backun engine, the Backun clarinet barrels are now available in several models and multiple woods. The beauty of the Backun barrels is only surpassed by their performance.

Clarinet Bells
The bell of a clarinet is a rather misunderstood piece of equipment. Many players do not realize the true impact of their clarinet’s bell. Your bell is not just for the voice of the clarinet in the lower end, but rather makes more impact on the performance of the clarinet over the break and in the upper end of the clarinet. Backun bells can great improve a clarinet’s performance throughout!

Clarinet Mouthpieces
Backun mouthpieces are truly amazing. Using a custom blank design, the mouthpieces are available in 3 styles: MoBa | Eddie Daniels | Kessler Custom by Backun. All of these mouthpieces are available in different sizes and styles to fit your musical needs.

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